Hello all! My name’s Wendy. I’m a 25-year-old island girl, residing in a cold, unforgiving not-island state. I’m a lesbian, I’m poly, I’m kinky, and I love all of those things. I have a girlfriend, and a dom. We’re all three together and we’re living our best lives.

I decided to start reviewing sex toys after finding and reading a ton of sex-positive blogs that opened my eyes to the fact it’s okay to talk about sex, and it doesn’t have to be a horrible taboo subject. Along with the fact, the community seems welcoming of POC sex bloggers, and my poly lifestyle!

What I hope to accomplish with this blog is learning more about sexual health and wellness, and sharing the things I learn with other individuals, finding friends who are sex-positive, and of course, sharing my musings and thoughts on sex toys!

I hope the ride is long, and I hope it’s fun.

(No pun intended).