The month of October is so exciting for The Wench Works! Why? Because I have some fun news!

The Wench Works has a brand new professional editor! I’ll be seeing my editor, and we’ll be discussing reviews, blog style, marketing, and so much more. We’ll be planning surprises for lovely readers and social media followers (so keep your eyes on my Twitter and Instagram)!

This is such a great time of year for me, even though I do struggle with seasonal depression. I just like to battle it with fun events and plans like this one.

However, with all that being said, I’d like to say that this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for two lovely companies who are helping make this happen.

Spectrum Boutique

and Blush Novelties


The support I’ve gotten from these two companies is astounding.

Since TWW’s infancy, Spectrum has constantly backed me- from hiring me to write for their journal to sending me my first luxury items, they’ve shown time and time again that they love to back small bloggers and help them grow their audience.  Spectrum Boutique is an online sex retailer ran by Zoe Ligon. She’s a self-proclaimed “Duchess of Dildos” and I have to agree with the title. She’s an advocate for POC voices and has lifted mine time and time again!

Blush Novelties is a company I’m newer to, but they have welcomed me with open arms! I reached out to them the first time this year because I had seen them on my Twitter TL and I wanted badly to affiliate with their company. Lucky me, they took me on as an affiliate and from that budded a great relationship, so much that when I went looking for sponsors they supported me in my endeavors! Blush Novelties is an online wholesaler, and you can get their toys through retailers such as Spectrum Boutique, or Betty’s Toy Box. You can also read some of my reviews on their toys.

I want to thank both Spectrum Boutique and Blush Novelties for their support!

If you ever want to browse their collection or shop, simply look in my right sidebar and they’re located under “sponsors”!