I’ve always wanted a fucking machine. No really, I’ve always wanted a fucking machine.

Ever since the tender age of 19, I’ve always looked at fucking machines and thought, “God damn, I want one of those.” I’d watch all sorts of porn that centered around them, and I’d wistfully lookup machines online, browsing through the different kinds, wondering if it was crazy to take a loan out for one.

However, in the end, the worry of storage, sound, and price would deter me away ever doing more than looking at them. Like, where the hell do you store a huge fucking machine when you don’t live on your own? Furthermore, how do you hide the sound of one? So many issues came to mind and I had no answer to any of them.

Now, at the age of 25, I have a compact fucking machine of my own and all those worries I had aren’t even worries with this toy…

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