My cervix is low, and my vagina is narrow. That makes taking good-sized toys a bit hard- or involves a lot of preparation.

When I got the Avant D4 in the mail from Blush Novelties, I knew I wanted to try it out and feel it at its fullest potential. I didn’t want to take four inches of it. No, no. I wanted to take all 7 inches. I wanted to feel its full girth which hailed to be 1.75in. I needed it all in me.

The preparation that it took for me to get all of the Avant D4 was a lot of building up with smaller toys, lots of Sliquid water based lube, and even more patience and porn. However, when I finally got the D4 all the way in, a bitch saw stars okay.

The shaft of the D4 has two peaks that I like to call “Dildo Mountains”. I’m sure there’s an actual technical term for them, however, I don’t know it, plus I like the sound of Dildo Mountains better. These peaks felt divine when I fucked myself into oblivion with the toy. Feeling each and every small, rounded peak against the walls of my cunt had me breathless and whimpering. The D4 took me to heaven and brought me back, and when I want something a bit bigger than my norm, I reach for it.

Made with platinum cured silicone, this toy not only feels lovely but it’s safe for my body. The cute color designs of pink and black, along with the smooth to the touch finish makes this toy feel sleek and like something out of a weird modern-esque dildo catalog. But not only is this satiny toy safe for my body, but it also is versatile! It has an out-of-this-world suction base (I’ve put it on multiple surfaces and not once did it come off despite my playing with it), but it’s also harness compatible- which means you and your partner can get the strap and go to town.

I definitely plan on using this toy with my girlfriend in the future. Actually, when I got it the first thing I said to her “Oh babe, you’re going to love this toy.” (She loves girth.) And I’m more than positive she’ll sing the same praises that I am.

However, I’m the kinda gal who needs clitoral stimulation when I masturbate to come to orgasm. Luckily for me, Blush Novelties also sent over their Exposed Nocturnal rechargeable lipstick vibe! So this review is a two-for-one!

Now, I hate bullet vibes. I want to go into this stating that. For some reason, they can never get me off. They just tease my clit into oblivion, making me a edged-to-insanity rage machine. I always struggle to find a good enough setting that doesn’t 1) numb my hand, 2) numb my clit, or 3) numb my clit, my hand, and my vulva.

However, this bullet vibe was not so bad. I mean, having a variety different speeds and patterns (10 altogether!) probably helped, but its vibrations weren’t so bad actually. I found them to be nice and rumbly, and the point of the lipstick vibe nestled nicely against the right side of my clit- my favored side.

I mean, did my hand still go numb from how strong the vibrations were? Absolutely, but my clit and vulva didn’t, and that’s what truly matters here, right? Right.

On one of my phone sex conversations, I found myself searching for this vibe in particular, deciding that none of my other vibes were doing the trick. Not to mention my favorite wand was dead and charging back up.

This little bullet came to the rescue and made me moan, squirm, and come. I vividly remember staring at it in distress, cursing that it made me come so quickly, efficiently, and so many times that even I was shocked but still went another round. (And yes, I used the bullet again, and yes it had the same impact and reaction the second time around.)

The Exposed Nocturnal lipstick vibe I received was in my favorite color (purple), and it’s sleek and shiny. It has 10 different settings, as stated earlier, and also is submergible up to three feet so you can take this bad boy into the shower or tub or pool or hot tub, or whatever body of water that’s 3ft, and have yourself a grand ole’ time.  It’s made of body-safe and non-porous ABS plastic, and rechargeable.

The charger is one of those magnetic chargers, and unlike most, it’s not finicky and you don’t have to worry about the charger becoming unplugged by itself. I like this one and I wish all magnetic chargers held on as strongly as this one did.

This bullet, paired with the D4… Well… It got the damn job done, and it got it done well.

Now I know y’all are like “Okay Wendy, it made you come, but what’s the price? How much would I be dropping? I’ve got bills to pay you know.” But guess what, the Avant D4 is only 49.99 on Betty’s Toy Box. Which is a significant price drop from its previous 79.99! That’s $29 in savings!

The Exposed Nocturnal lipstick vibe is $34.99, which is another price drop from $47.99, also on Betty’s Toy Box!

Now to make the deal even sweeter, you can get 10% off using the code WENCHWORKS at check out! That’ll bring the Avant D4 to $45.00, and The Exposed Nocturnal down to $31.50. Not so bad, huh? Fun without breaking the bank!


Thank you Blush Novelties for sending me these lovely products in exchange for my honest and candid review!