I decided a while ago that I wanted to be a sex toy review blogger, along with a sexual health blogger. However as of late I’ve found myself unfulfilled with posting content strictly relating to those things, especially when I like to talk often on here about mental health, so a few days ago I thought about doing a bi-weekly, or maybe even monthly series of “recently enjoyed things”, it might be accompanied by pictures, it might not, but I’m very glad I’ve decided to start it.

I think it’s really important for one to focus on the good in life, especially when they feel like there’s a lot of bad going around. It’s better for your mental health, it helps improve your outlook, and I think it’s never bad to look at the positive.

These few weeks in recently enjoyed things!

I’ve been obsessed with Outlander as of late. I mean, how could one not be? Jamie is super dreamy, Claire is beautiful, the scenery is literally everything, and the plot keeps you on the edge of your seat without a moment of rest. I tweeted about this obsession, and my friend Van humored me and sent me a few pictures of not only his Kilt but him in it also! Did I go all heart eyed and tell him he looked awesome? Totally.

Zoe was darling and sent me the Mini Velvet Thruster, which I immediately tested out and definitely have a killer review to write about this product (hint: I may ask to be buried with it). We also discussed so many things that we have planned for both of our lives, and honestly whenever I get together with her via text or whatever medium, I have a blast.

I got a small part-time job, and I love it! I mean, it’s a job and has its small stressful moments, but it’s definitely much appreciated. As much as I’d love to be able to make ends meet by running this blog, my following isn’t huge and currently it’s just a small dream goal! Until then, my job is perfect. I work 1 to 3 days a week, and I can get my studying for school done while doing it! I can also work on my blog. It’s a breeze, really!

I was able to start a newish medication regimen and honestly? I feel like my mental health has improved greatly since starting it. I no longer struggle with basic tasks, focusing, or even staying asleep. Relationships in my life have also improved greatly. I can’t find a single complaint with it.

Things have been speeding up in my life but also have been going so slow. Some things I want more time to enjoy, and others I just want to hurry up through. That’s life though I guess.