The Wench Reviews: PalmPower Wand


When I first saw the PalmPower I thought to myself “This small wand won’t do a damn thing for me. Smh.” But boy, let me tell you something… I was wrong. Rarely am I wrong when eyeballing a toy. Usually, I’m spot on- I know my cunt, y’all. I know it well. But this time? I was schooled by a toy.

This compact little fucker is better than my Magic Wand if we’re comparing things. It’s smaller, a lot less noisy, has more than two settings, and knows how to please me.

With it’s deep, rumbling, and intense vibrations I find myself reaching for it over any toy in my toy box when I need to get off, or when I’ve foolishly decided to use another wand and they’re just not enough. I toss aside other toys to bring out my trusty Palm Power and I hastily apologize for forsaking it. I run back to it again and again like a lover who can’t get enough.

Really, y’all, this thing is amazing.

Made with silicone and ABS plastic, it’s phthalate free and non-porous- meaning it’s totally body safe. Altogether it’s 7.5in in length, and 1.5 at its widest. It’s splash proof, but by no means is it waterproof. Matter of fact, when I clean it I usually just run the head under warm water (and of course use a safe soap).

Can this toy get any better? Of course it can.

It’s rechargeable. Meaning no batteries need to be bought so there’s no fumbling with trying to put new ones in the heat of the moment. It comes with a charging cord that you simply plug into the base of the toy. Though I will say the saddest thing about the PalmPower is when it dies. It just… Stops. Mid vibration. Many a time have I been wanking and it’s turned off and I’ve thought “Oh no, I’ve turned it off somehow!” and breathlessly clicked its little power button but found it to be dead (along with my dreams of having a mind-blowing clitoral orgasm).5

That’s another thing, a lot of people hate the PalmPower’s button function, but I personally love it. It has only one button and when you click it, it starts the toy off at it’s lowest setting and you hold the power button to make it go higher in intensity. For me, this takes out the fumbling with buttons to get a toy to do what you want it to do. There’s no “Shit, I have to click this button to go to the higher setting.” or “Damn, I need to click this button to turn it off.” It’s just one click and done. Furthermore, it has no patterns. I hate patterns. (I’ve never got off with a pattern even despite trying to!) So a one-click toy with intense vibrations and no patterns? Hello to my heaven.

I think my biggest complaint about the PalmPower is that it emits a small buzz when you use it. In my opinion, it’s only noticeable to the user (since it is on your bits), and it’s not that noisy when I turn it on and just set it down on the bed, walk outside the room, and close the door. But, I’ve had wands that are all but completely quiet so having a quiet wand can be done and I believe that the PalmPower could have been.

However, despite its small buzz, I’ve always just loved my PalmPower. I’ve gone as far as to accidentally cuddle it when falling asleep. It’s just that amazing. If I was going to a deserted island and could only choose one wand to bring with me, this wand would be it.

Reaching for this toy is never a mistake. It always delivers an orgasm that’s great, and I’ve even inserted the tip of the head into my vagina and it’s brought me to orgasm like that too.

Now I know y’all are like “No way a toy this good can come at a good cost” but ha! That’s where you’re wrong, you can get this toy for $69 at Spectrum Boutique! And for a wand that, has personally, never failed? That’s a fucking bargain if you ask me!

I received this toy free of charge for my honest review. Thank you Spectrum Boutique for giving me the chance to review it!



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