Sex Down South Sponsor Call!

Sex Down South is hosted in ATL this year, and goodness gracious does this girl wanna go! My name’s Wendy Phillips and I’m a PoC Sex Blogger. But I don’t stop my blogging only at sex blogging, I also blog about Mental Health Education, and problems in the PoC community. I was inspired to start my blog in early 2018, and I hope to have a long, educational, fun, and feel good journey with it!

The good lord knows that I’m not rolling in dough though, so I’m asking for YOUR help!

I am calling for sponsors to help me cover the expenses of the trip for Sex Down South! These expenses include room and board, food, my plane ticket, my ticket to the actual convention, and my travel once I get to ATL.

I plan on not only Live Tweeting sessions I go to so people on twitter can get snippets of the workshops, but I also plan on writing comprehensive and thoughtful blog posts about what I learn from each workshop I go to. I want to be able to give others who aren’t able to go, the chance to still learn from the workshops at the convention.

I feel like a good thing to add is as a Person of Color, it’s important for me to go to this convention because there will be other People of Color there who are passionate about the same things I am. The sex community is large, but it’s hard to find a familiar face, and I know that Sex Down South is diverse, and has a lot of familiar faces. I would love the chance to learn from other People of Color and hear their views on hot topics within the sex community—including their views on BDSM, Community Issues, Relationships, LGBTQ+, and so much more.

I’m passionate about sex education, mental health, my community, and the education of others.

If this is something your company would be interested in, please contact me and we can discuss pricing, things I can do in exchange for any amount of sponsorship, a breakdown of my expenses, and much more!

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