There are a few things about the Womanizer Starlet that can be said.

1) Its name is totally terrible.

2) Its logo looks a bit like the Walgreens logo.

3) I’m unconditionally, and irrevocably, head over heels in love with it.

When I was first offered toys to review from Betty’s Toy Box, I was excited. I was a new blogger, it was my first time working with a company to review a toy, and the world felt like my oyster or something. Picking out a toy was difficult until my eyes zeroed in on “Womanizer: Starlet” and at the time the blogosphere had been abuzz with hype about the entire line (and y’all know how I love hype and things being abuzz).

Emailing the company back I made my definite choice and after that, it was just a waiting game to get the toy.

And boy did the waiting game really kill me. Waiting for this toy in the mail felt like it took forever. It felt like waiting for toast to cook. Waiting for water to boil. You get the point- it felt like the small week actually lasted a year and a half.

While waiting for the toy to arrive, I did my research. The company made big claims about their line. It uses a patented “Pleasure Air Technology ™” and promised me waves of pleasure, and intense orgasms.

Now, I don’t know about you, but waves of pleasure and intense orgasms sounds like my kind of time.  

When the Starlet finally arrived, I tore the box from Betty’s open, and I’ve got to say I was impressed with the packaging of the Starlet. It came in a white box with a clear cover, and inside there were more promises of pleasure and waves upon waves of orgasms. However, I was going to be the judge of that myself thank you very much.

But before we dive into how the toy functioned, let’s talk about the specs of the toy! It’s made with: Silicone (the small suction head), ABS plastic (the body).  It’s charging and run time is about thirty minutes- this is thirty minutes straight y’all. No pauses between orgasms. The website claims it’s waterproof, but from my experience, it’s splash proof and I’m not willing to take this sucker into the bathtub to find out otherwise. It has 4 intensity levels, and easy one-button control to navigate through all four. It’s small and lightweight, and it’s also charged by micro USB!

Now for the fun part.

When I used this toy for the first time, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t hot on it. I had never experienced clitoral stimulation like this. The site claimed it was one of a kind, and by damn they were right.

The toy has an intense feeling- but’s not quite a suction though. However, it’s not by any means a vibration. It just doesn’t outright suck your clit. It’s like air that pulses around your clitoris, and very, very gently it mimics a sucking motion. From what I can tell, its Pleasure Air Technology™ the site claims it has isn’t bullshit. It’s an actual thing, and it’s not something one can easily describe.

Either way, I wasn’t used to clitoral stimulation outside of using a vibrator so at first, it was too intense- and this was just on the first setting. By the time I got to the fourth, I was squirming all over the bed and not in pleasure. But, you know what they say, practice makes perfect. By the fourth time I tried using it, I figured out just how my clit liked the toy on it.

I start off by putting it just a little bit above my clitoris, and then slowly I let it cover the entire clitoris, and that’s where I find it to be most pleasurable.

After my first orgasm with the Womanizer Starlet, I was in love y’all. It’s like after my clit got used to something other than intense rumbling vibrations, it could appreciate everything this clit suction toy had to offer, and before I knew it I was upping the ante and using it on other intensity levels.

My favorite way to use this toy is to start off on level one intensity, and then as I get closer to orgasm, up it until it’s all the way on four. Listen… This toy is magical to me. And it’s not just great on the clit! You can use it on your nipples and it uses it’s suction on them too and it also feels great! When I use the toy that way, I really enjoy going straight for level four. My nipples are sensitive but they love intense sensation so this toy is absolutely perfect for that.

I love this toy, y’all- and I love this it on a weird and obsessive level. When I can’t find any clit stimulation to be enough, what do I do? I whip out the Starlet and it pushes me over the edge. When I’m bored with my other toys and can’t figure out what to do? I whip out the Starlet and boom! Stars. When I want intense nipple suction while I fuck myself into oblivion? You got it- I use the Starlet.

Now, if you’re not used to clitoral stimulation, or you don’t like direct clitoral stimulation, this toy just might not be for you. It’s an intense toy. It makes you squirm, and grab at the sheets from how intense it is at points, however, if you think you want to explore clit suction toys? I say go for the Starlet.

However, for as much as I love this toy and sing it’s praises, there are some things I can’t overlook- like the fact you can only use it for 30 to 45 minutes (straight) or the fact it can be hard to clean. If you use a Q-tip, I suppose you can clean it well enough and get any pubes, lube, or dust out just fine, but I would like to really get in there and clean it.

The price tag could also be lower. It’s a smooth $79.00 and I personally feel like I’d pay a good $70 for it, however, that’s me thinking on my student budget. I’m sure to others it’s a fair price, but if you’re tight on money, it can be a bit of a squeeze.

All in all, I give this toy a strong 4 hearts, which is saying something! The only thing holding it back from five hearts is the fact it’s not easy to clean, and the price tag could be a bit for some folks. But aside from that? It’s got my heart, and I’d give it my money if something happened to this one!

You can buy this toy from Betty’s Toy Box for $79.00- with 10% off using the code WENCHWORKS! That brings the price down to $71.10! Now THAT’S a deal I’d go for.  (Especially since I wanted it to be around that price originally!)


I received this toy free of charge for my honest and frank review. Thank you Betty’s Toy Box for giving me the chance to review it!