The only thing holding this from five hearts is the motor that died on me.

When Peepshow Toys gave me a chance to try out the Sola Hop I was skeptical. I had seen rabbit vibrators in porn, in stores, and of course in reviews. Each of those things had a different reaction. In porn, it looked great like it was the next best thing since sliced bread. In the store it was a bit weird– I couldn’t figure out how it would fit my anatomy, and in reviews, there was always mixed emotions (some would love it, some would hate it!).

It was the time I figured out a rabbit vibrator for myself. It was the time I spread my labia and fly. *flap flap*?

I checked the mail every day for this specific package. I was the most excited about it. I had heard of the Sola Cue and read various reviews on it, and the company had so far not let anyone down.  I highly doubted they would start with the Hop.

On a chilly Monday morning is when I heard my Sola had arrived. I threw a jacket on top of my pajamas, patted down my crazy curly hair, and ran downstairs and got my package. I got a lot of looks from passersby and tried to ignore them as I giddily hopped (haha hopped. get it.) down the sidewalk and to my place, where I patiently waited to have the apartment all to myself.

The moment the front door clicked shut- the sound that everyone was gone at least until 4 pm, I tore open my box.

My first impression of Sola Hop was it was cute as a bunny. It was pale pink (maybe not so bunny-ish here), soft to the touch, and the box it came in reminded me of sherbet. (It was nicely colored like it!). The Sola Hop comes with a magnetic charger (which, I have to admit, I hate with a passion ’cause the thing is always fucking slipping… Or sparking and trying to kill me I’m sure), and an antibacterial pouch, along with a  little manual that also serves as your warranty (five year warranty at that).

When I tried to turn it on though, it was not having any of it. I almost thought I broke it until I realized- Duh, Wendy. You need to charge it first. Which I totally was not about. I wanted to go. Right then and there. Alas, patience is a virtue.

It has a charging time of an hour and a half, and that gives you an hour of play. This, though, was one of the things I had a problem with. (If you could really say it’s a problem.) I wish it had a longer battery life! It’s so much fun to play with and it will faithfully die out after an hour. So if you want to play for more than an hour, you better have other toys handy to go along with, or two little Hops to have two hours! It has five vibration intensities and five different patterns- I found myself pretty happy with any intensity after the first, and all of the patterns. Which shocked me since I am not a pattern girl.

The Sola Hop is totally waterproof and I have taken it on two different waterfilled excursions, and it’s working as well as it did the first time I got it.  It’s contoured fit my body perfectly, and I know that that’s not always the case with rabbit vibes– and it was something I was worried about since not only do I have an “innie” clit, but I like to say I have a chubby vagina too. It was definitely a pleasant surprise that each ear caressed my clit perfectly.

SPEAKING OF THE EARS. This little shit has a fucking bullet vibe in each ear and a vibe in the shaft. On the box it boasts that it has “powerful deep vibrations”, and oh my god it was not lying. The vibrations were deep, they were rumbly, and boy oh boy they felt damn good.

This rabbit vibrator was so good that not only did it bring me to orgasm within minutes, it also pinpointed my g-spot and made me go a bit g-spot crazy. The fifth vibration pattern and I were very good friends for a nice while. But while it also gave me a great time internally, I loved using the Sola Hop as an external clit vibe. (I’m a clit girl. I’m intimidated when it comes to orgasming from g-spotting alone.)

Since having it only a few days, I have orgasmed at least two to four times a day with the Sola Hop.

I’ve made jokes about us being married I love the Sola so much and it gives me so much happiness.

I love the Sola so much that the company even gave me tattoo ideas for the product. (I still might get the tattoo! Totally.)

I’d say I’d change nothing about it, but that’s a lie– since I do hate the little charger it came with and how it’s charged. It’s literally shot sparks at me, which is definitely not cool. Right? Right. We all have our flaws though.  And I love my Sola Hop, totally dangerous badass flaws and all.

I look forward to seeing what more the Sola line brings us! It’s definitely a toy I’ll forever rave about.

If you would like to purchase The Sola Hop visit PeepShow Toys and browse their extensive collection of toys, including the Hop!

Peepshow Toys

I received the Sola Hop free of charge in exchange for my honest and unfiltered review from Peepshow Toys!